Fiona's Statement on Dominic Cummings

Fiona's statement on Dominic Cummings' is as follows:

"I have not commented on Dominic Cummings' situation until now as I thought it fair to await the full facts and reflect. Having now done so my initial reaction remains - I cannot condone what he did, nor accept that his interpretation of the guidelines was reasonable.

My constituents have gone to great lengths to stay at home during this crisis. Many have endured enormous strain, and in some cases, real suffering. They are entitled to feel badly let down by someone in leadership with an obligation to be an exemplar.

I am ensuring that this and the strength of feeling in my mailbox, have been communicated to the highest level of Government."

You can see coverage of Fiona's statement on BBC North West Tonight here:… from around 8 minutes 40 seconds into the video.