Fiona Bruce today welcomed in the House of Commons the statement of Nadine Dorries MP in response to the publication of the Independent Report on the Safety of Medicines and Medical Devices, “First do no harm.”


Symposium to Mark the First Anniversary of The Truro Report


Westminster Symposium Attended By Several Hundred People To Mark The First Anniversary of The Publication of the Truro Review – Hosted via The House of Lords

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Christopher Hope's Article on No-fault divorces

Christopher Hope's Article in the Telegraph:

"No fault 'quickie' divorces will be legal from as early as next month, as Boris Johnson faces a backlash for introducing the plans at a time when many marriages are under stress in the coronavirus lockdown.

24 Hours with Spurgeon

For 24 Hours Spurgeons will be reading and reflecting live on the great works of Charles Haddon Spurgeon, founder of Spurgeon's College London.


Arresting 15 Pro-Democracy Leaders in Hong Kong Violates Basic Law

Benedict Rogers, Chair of Hong Kong Watch and Vice Chair of the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission, which Fiona chairs, has co-authored an op-ed with David Kilgour, former Canadian Secretary of State for Asia-Pacific and an International Patron of Hong Kong Watch.