Shopworkers' Protection Pledge

Over 400 shopworkers face violence and abuse every day, which is why I recently signed the Shopworker’s Protection Pledge. No one should have to work in fear, especially because they are challenging shoplifters, enforcing age restricted sales, or implemented coronavirus safety measures.

Equitable Life

I recently signed the Equitable Members Action Group’s (EMAG) Statement of Resolve, which was proposed at the All-Party Parliamentary Group’s virtual meeting on 14th July 2020.

A-Level Results


I know that some pupils, teachers and parents are confused and upset by last week’s A-level results and subsequent events and that this is very worrying for those anticipating GCSE results next week so I want to reassure you all that I am doing all I can to help.

Brexit Update October 2019

Many hundreds of constituents continue to contact me regarding Brexit.

I always appreciate constituents informing me of where they stand on an issue and take every one very seriously.

Exiting the European Union

Thank you to all constituents who continue to contact me regarding the UK's EU membership.

The ballot paper in the 2016 referendum presented voters with an unambiguous choice, to Remain in the EU or to Leave.