Fiona congratulates Eaton Bank Academy on being awarded the ISM Trust’s Silver Certificate in Music for 2018

Fiona has congratulated Eaton Bank Academy for being awarded with the ISM Trust's Silver Certificate in Music for 2018.

The ISM Trust's Silver Certificate in Music is awarded when more than 15% of all the school’s GCSE students were entered into GCSE music and achieved an A* to C grade which puts the school in the top 187 schools in England.

The ISM is the professional body for performers, composers, song-writers and music educators. Founded in 1882, the ISM support their membership of nearly 9,000 professional musicians with one-to-one legal advice and professional support alongside independent advocacy and policy development.

Fiona said:

"Congratulations to Eaton Bank Academy on securing a prestigious ISM Trust Silver Certificate in Music! It is wonderful news. I am very impressed having done music at GCSE level and piano at grade 8, I know how much dedication this takes for students and staff."