Fiona Bruce MP welcomes £1 Billion Catch Up Package for Children



Fiona Bruce MP has welcomed the announcement by the Government of a £1 billion package for children who have missed more than a term of school.


The support is vital to ensure that progress made in reducing the attainment gap since 2011 is not lost. Of the £1 billion package, £350 million will be available specifically for the National Tutoring Programme, increasing access to high-quality tuition for the most disadvantaged young people over the 2020/21 academic year.


The further £650 million of the package will be shared across state primary secondary schools over the academic year. Headteachers will be able to decide how the money is spent, however it is expected this will be spent on small group tuition for whoever needs it.


This £1 billion package is on top of the £14 billion three-year funding settlement announced last year and recognises the additional work needed to help students catch up.


Fiona Bruce MP said “Ensuring the next generation receives a good education is of vital importance. The impact of closing schools on the most disadvantaged has been severe. I whole heartedly welcome the measures announced by the Government to support schools in ensuring that those pupils’ education does not suffer.”