Fiona Bruce MP welcomes Health Minister commitment on alcohol harm

Some weeks after leading a major debate in the House of Commons on tackling alcohol harm, Fiona Bruce has met with Health Minster Nicola Blackwood MP who agreed, in responding to the debate, to consider how her Department could take action.

Fiona said:

'I was very pleased to hear the Minister say that a specific project is to be set up to support the children of alcoholics. No-one who listened to the debate I called on tackling alcohol harm in February 2017 could fail to be moved by the accounts relayed by Members of Parliament of the impact on young lives of excessive drinking by their parents and carers, and I am delighted at this potentially positive and productive outcome of the debate.

'There is much more to do to address the damage caused by alcohol, when consumed irresponsibly in our society; at the same time, no-one in our All-Party Group denies that there is anything to be criticised about responsible social drinking.'