Fiona welcomes funding to improve A&E services at Macclesfield

Fiona can today announce that the Government has awarded £879,000 additional funding to support the Accident and Emergency care at Macclesfield Hospital – excellent news for her Congleton Constituents.

Known as “primary care streaming”, this would provide extra staff in Accident and Emergency Departments to help more effectively advise people who come through the hospital doors as to the best possible treatment for them, and to refer them to a GP Service if appropriate.

Last winter primary care streaming was an integral part of the A&E model used in the most consistently high performing Accident and Emergency in England against the standard that patients must be seen, treated, and admitted or discharged in under four hours. It ensures that patients are seen by the most appropriate way and is vital in freeing up emergency capacity in A&E.

The funding comes as part of the Government’s £100m capital investment to support the introduction of primary care streaming in Accident and Emergency Departments throughout the NHS.

Following the announcement, Fiona said

“This shows that this Conservative Government is committed to Macclesfield Accident and Emergency, and should allay any past fears that it is under threat. I am delighted to welcome this investment and I am sure it will bring real benefits to many people in the Congleton Constituency. The Government has awarded this money to help make the service for people in the Congleton Constituency who come to Macclesfield Hospital Accident and Emergency better, and to help reduce waiting times, especially at busy times during the winter.”