Fiona supports Drugwatch Trust initiative

Fiona met with former Assistant Chief Constable of Cheshire Police, John Dwyer, at Holmes Chapel recently with students Emily Forden and Damien Ronander to discuss a new drugs education initiative which he has been developing for Drugwatch Trust, a local charity. The programme aims to educate children from the ages of 5 upwards on the dangers of drugs. The charity has created educational bundles including lesson plans, activities, and class materials relevant to each key stage and year group. The program educates children on a wide range of drug related topics, including peer pressure and ‘Saying No’.

Drugwatch Trust has tackled these issues for young children at Primary School by creating fantastic illustrated stories and colouring activities, including 3 fun cartoon characters Dino Saw, Fred Bear and Uni Dawn. These stories focus on being safe and aware and always getting an adult’s help if unsure about something. For the older Primary School children, the lessons revolve around the real dangers of drugs and discussing topics such as how to say no and what to do if out find someone unresponsive.  The Senior School materials continue the themes and introduce other sensitive issues such as ‘County Lines’ where young people are groomed by drugs gangs to sell drugs.

The Primary School materials have been submitted to the PSHE association and are currently awaiting accreditation. These materials have incurred significant cost in their development and the charity hopes to sell the packages for only £50 per school. There has already been a positive response from schools such as Cranberry Academy in Alsager where the lessons have been trialled. Teachers interested in taking up the scheme for their schools can contact John direct on

John Dwyer said

Teachers have been thrilled to have such engaging materials to educate children on such an important topic.”

Fiona and John Dwyer discussed the significant impact that the Drugwatch initiative would have in the Congleton Constituency and how it would address rising concerns amongst local citizens of drug related cases in the area. This initiative aims to tackle drug use and anti-social behaviour by raising awareness of the dangers of such activities, throughout the school curriculum.

John Dwyer said,

"I was delighted to be given the opportunity of briefing Fiona on this exciting development which has taken place with fantastic support from local schools in the Alsager area".

Fiona said

“Parents locally are increasingly concerned about the exposure of young children to drugs and I applaud John for having put so much of his own time into developing this programme, and giving to it, as he has, the benefit of his many years’ experience as an Assistant Chief Constable.”