Central Equine Database


A number of constituents have written to me about the welfare of horses and the Central Equine Database.

Food Labelling

Residents have contacted me about their concerns about the way in which food labelling of meat and dairy products can mislead consumers.

Childhood Obesity

A number of constituents have contacted me about childhood obesity.

With nearly a third of children aged two to fifteen overweight or obese, I agree that this is an important issue to tackle.

Hospital Parking Charges

Poorly patients and their families should not have to deal with the added stress of parking charges at hospitals.

Palestinian Children in Israeli Custody


The detention of Palestinian children in Israeli prisons is extremely worrying.

In 2012, an independent report on Children in Military Custody was funded and facilitated by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Trade Democracy

The aim of the Trade Bill is to preserve and ensure the continuity of the agreements that already exist with other countries via the EU in order to prevent disruption to existing trade and protect access to global markets for thousands of British businesses and people.

New Clause 11 tabled to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill at Report Stage

The majority of the UK electorate, however narrow that majority was, voted to leave the EU and so there is a democratic duty to deliver the result. This means that the UK will be leaving the EU in March 2019 and the EU (Withdrawal) Bill will help to ensure that this happens.

Amendment 7 - Updated

Thank you to constituents who have contacted me regarding amendment 7 to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill on approval of the final deal with the EU which was passed in December.