Dementia UK Drop-in Event


I have noted the Dementia UKs drop-in event on 26th March about making NHS CHC fairer for people with dementia and will endeavour to attend.

Every patient should receive health and social care which is both timely and appropriate. It is also important that, in each case, different agencies work to connect health and social care services, especially in relation to those with complex and nursing care needs, such as those with dementia.

CHC is a package of NHS-funded ongoing healthcare and social care for adults who have been assessed as having a primary health need, whereby the main aspects, or majority part, of the care they require is focused on addressing and/or preventing health needs. Eligibility for CHC is not determined by age, diagnosis or condition, or financial means. It is assessed on a case-by-case basis by a Multi-Disciplinary Team where the individual’s needs are considered holistically, including ways in which these needs and subsequent treatments interact. 

The National Framework for CHC and NHS-funded Nursing Care sets out that assessments should follow a person-centred approach, which ensures the individual's needs are at the forefront of the assessment and care-planning process. The framework also states how important it is that those contributing to this process have the relevant skills and knowledge, and that where the patient has, for example, a learning disability, brain injury or dementia, then someone with specialist knowledge of this client group is involved in the assessment. Dementia UK has written to the Minister about this important subject and the Department will be acting on the points raised.

We want a society where every person with dementia, their families and carers receive high-quality, compassionate care, from diagnosis through to end of life. Timely diagnosis is vital to ensure that a person with dementia can access the advice, information, care and support to maintain independence and quality of life for as long as possible.  

I look forward to the publication of the Government's Major Conditions Strategy covering six conditions, including dementia. An initial report has already set out the Government's findings so far and how it will develop the final strategy. Whilst waiting for its publication, the Government will continue to engage with Dementia UK so that people with dementia can access support and advice where necessary.  


Fiona Bruce MP - 26th February 2024