I Believe

I Believe...

Fiona stood on a clear platform of values as a candidate in both the 2005, 2010, 2015 and is now standing in the 2017 elections on the same stable and strong values as expressed below.

These values have consistently informed her political life.

I believe...

• Families matter – strong, stable families are the heart of a healthy nation

• Strong local communities matter

• A good education includes giving young people principles, values and boundaries

• Many TV programmes and media products are a negative influence on children

Those who can work should work

• Every life is precious – no insignificant person has ever been born

• The vulnerable, poor and dispossessed deserve our compassion and practical help, both here and abroad

• Kindness, courtesy and respect for others are overdue a comeback in our society

• Politicians should exhibit integrity, clear leadership and direction for our nation

My vision, my passion, is for us to build a society which we are all proud to be part of and where our children, and their children, can safely grow up to achieve their true potential.