Fiona Bruce begins campaign for re-election

Fiona Bruce, the Conservative candidate for the 2017 General Election, has launched her re-election campaign, meeting with local people to listen to their views and concerns, and talk about how she has been working to represent them in Parliament.

Fiona said,

Stand up for Christians in the Middle East

Policy must change to allow the protection and support of persecuted Christians, says Fiona Bruce MP, as she urges the Government to honour its 2015 commitment to do so

Originally published on Politeia, Thursday 13th April

School Funding Petition delivered to Fiona Bruce's Constituency Office

After the recent referendum on Brexit, schools in East Cheshire have been holding their own referendum on Government funding for pupils' education - and the result is clear. Fiona Bruce MP made clear that the proposed National Funding Formula for schools just doesn’t add up.