Fiona's Letter to the Chronicle

Fiona, writing in the Chronicle, said the following:


I was sad to read reported in last week’s paper a reference to me at a public meeting as "an obedient little Tory robot". Sad, not for me, - because I know it’s not true, - but sad because in this constituency until recently we have always debated politics with courtesy. 

Sad too, because it reflects a culture change across the country - a prevalence to attack a person rather than debate their views. 

When we insult those with whom we disagree politically, it is likely to promote distance and alienation, - rather than promoting healthy political discourse with the aim of changing hearts and minds. Alienating in this way risks inhibiting progress - some of the most important work I am privileged to engage in is cross-party, such as tackling human trafficking. I wonder too whether this is why political views appear to be coming more polarised? 

As we approach - at some point!- another General Election, could we perhaps agree that here we will resist engaging in personal insults and commit to civility in our political discourse? 

We may find others’ views disagreeable or objectionable. We may even consider those views worthy of contempt. Their views might be, but no person is.

Fiona Bruce MP"