Fiona welcomes news that the UK Economy has grown for 5 years in a row

Fiona welcomes the release of recent economic data which shows that the UK has now experienced 5 years of growth in a row.

This, in conjunction with actions the Government has taken, means that we now have: 

  • More jobs, with unemployment at the lowest level since 1975
  • Less government borrowing, meaning the next generation won't have to pay off our debt
  • Disadvantaged students doing better, with a stronger economy paying for better schools
  • More people buying their own homes, with more people getting on the housing ladder since 2007

Fiona said:

"It is vitally important that we have a strong economy to ensure that we are able to afford our public services and that jobs continue to be created. While there is still more to be done, the news that we have now been growing for the last 5 years is welcome, showing that the Government's economic policy is working. The number of people in employment is at the highest level since records began, meaning more people know the reward and dignity that work brings."