Fiona tables EDM 2681 'Hong Kong Citizens'

Fiona has tabled EDM 2681 titled 'Hong Kong Citizens' which states:

"That this House calls on the Government to seek agreement with some of the other 53 Commonwealth countries to provide Hong Kong citizens with a second citizenship and potential place of abode; insists that the UK will not accept the abandonment of the so-called two systems in one country, guaranteed by international treaty and agreed by China; and recognises that Hong Kong's industrious, dynamic, courageous and diverse people must be given a guarantee that they will be able to flourish economically, culturally and socially whilst living under the rule of law."

Fiona also asked the Foreign Secretary a question on the matter of citizenship:

"Will the Foreign Secretary consider the early-day motion tabled by 25 parliamentarians today calling on our Government to seek agreement with other Commonwealth countries to offer Hong Kong citizens second citizenship and a place of abode? Could this be applied for as an agenda item at the next Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting?"

Dominic Raab MP, Foreign Secretary said:

"As I have made clear to the House, we want to see the one country, two systems model respected. Under those arrangements, reflecting the joint declaration, we have committed to the British national (overseas) status and I think it is important, for now, to stick with that."