Fiona meets with Bob Fu of China Aid and raises the persecution of Christians in China with the Foreign Secretary

Following her meeting with Bob Fu of China Aid, Fiona said:

"Meeting  the remarkable Bob Fu of China Aid this week, hearing his report of increased persecution in China - considerably worsened since we last met a year ago. His story can be read in his book God’s Double Agent."

Speaking in the House of Commons, Fiona asked:

"Are Ministers aware of reports this week from China Aid that Christian persecution is escalating in China, and that it is now at its worst for 40 years? Thousands of churches have been desecrated and destroyed, and pastors have been imprisoned and are facing trial. Whole sections of society, including children under 18 and students, have been banned from going to church, and those who do attend church are now being filmed and fingerprinted. What can be done to raise this issue internationally?"

Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs said:

"I share my hon. Friend’s concern. I read a moving report about a pastor in Chengdu who has suffered greatly. We raised these concerns during the universal periodic review that we did with China in November 2018, and I regularly raise concerns about human rights issues with my Chinese counterpart. One of the reasons for doing the review is to ensure that I am properly informed on matters of religious freedom."