Fiona hosts a parliamentary event on modern-day slavery with International Justice Mission (IJM)

Fiona hosted an event in the House of Commons with IJM to raise awareness of forced labour slavery in global markets and supply chains. IJM work across the world, partnering with local authorities to provide protection and rescue to victims of violent crime, to rehabilitate survivors and bring perpetrators to justice. Speakers included, leading barrister, James Ewins QC, IJM’s Bangkok Field Officer, Andrew Sawchenko, and IJM UK’s CEO, David Westlake.

Fiona said:

Forced labour slavery is as relevant today as ever and affects each one of us; it’s in the supply chains of many of the everyday items that we buy. More than 24 million people are in forced labour slavery worldwide and the human reality is devastating.

For example, in Ghana, the majority of children enslaved in the fishing industry are under the age of 10. They are often malnourished and sleep deprived and face a daily risk of drowning as these tired, hungry children are forced to dive into the water and untangle fishing nets caught in deep waters. In Thailand, men are robbed of their freedom and violently abused to produce prawns for our supermarket shelves.

It is important for us all to be aware of the shocking realities of forced labour slavery and look into providing solutions to tackle slavery in supply chains. IJM are breaking new ground in this; their partnership-based approach, which involves corporates, governments and civil society, could enable significant progress in the global fight to stop forced labour slavery.” 

David Westlake, CEO of IJM UK:

“Corporations and international donors should prioritise investment in functioning law enforcement, including anti-trafficking police units, special prosecutors and legal assistance for abused workers

Slavery is bigger than ever but also more stoppable than ever. We all need to work together with Parliamentarians, corporations and grass-roots organisations alike to make this vision a reality.”