Fiona Bruce MP reports widespread residents’ concern on bus review

Representatives from Goostrey, Twemlow and Holmes Chapel Parish Council net with Fiona Bruce MP today on behalf of the residents they represent to express concerns about proposals in the Cheshire East Council Supported Bus Service Review.


Fiona Bruce saidThere is widespread and exceptional concern on the part of my constituents about proposals to reduce, or cancel altogether, a number of bus routes. Bearing in mind that I have a disproportionately high number of elderly people living in my constituency, many of whom can no longer drive, I have not only listened carefully to, but also share their worries that if these proposals go through it will leave many people isolated, unable to attend doctors and hospital appointments easily, or at all, and curtail their ability to attend community groups and social events vital for health and wellbeing. These are only proposals at this consultation stage and I am urging Cheshire East Council to reconsider them in light of the considerable public concern being expressed.”

Fiona Bruce continued  “I have had residents not only from the Goostrey, Twemlow and  Holmes Chapel Parish Councils contact me with their concerns about these proposals but also constituents from elsewhere in the Congleton Constituency – particularly rural and semi-rural areas such as Rode Heath and Scholar Green. It is not only the older constituents who would be affected – many young people don’t drive – and not everyone can afford a car. I am told that the alternative proposed – called the ‘Little Bus’ in the Council’s consultation document, but perhaps better known as ‘Dial-a-Ride’, would not work, being limited both in routes and on which days it operates, and requiring prior booking which is not always possible – for example, for a same day or next day surgery appointment. As one resident told me ‘this will take my independence away’.

Fiona addedI urge all concerned residents to contribute to the consultation which closes on 26th July and which can be found at or by calling or visiting your local library.”