Fiona Bruce MP raises concerns about limited train services in Congleton and Alsager in the House of Commons

Calling recent train service reductions completely unacceptable in the House of Commons today, Fiona Bruce MP asked the Leader of the House,

"May we have a debate on the need to maintain local train services during this pandemic? Recent service reductions in my constituency are completely unacceptable.

CrossCountry is refusing to stop trains at Congleton station at all, citing social distancing requirements. It put on a longer train, for which the platform is too short. Yet at other stations, this issue is managed by only certain train doors being opened.

At Alsager, East Midlands Trains has cancelled almost its entire hourly service during the day, halving the service from Alsager and resulting in a 900-signature local petition within the past few days."

Speaking after the question Fiona said, “I was delighted with the leaders promise to raise this with Secretary of State for Transport, going right to the top, when he replied:"

"My Honourable Friend raises a deeply concerning point. That train-door excuse sounds particularly feeble, even given the British Rail excuses of old. Many people are returning to their offices and the economy continues to open up. Train operators must keep up with demand from passengers. I will take up her concerns with my right hon. Friend the Transport Secretary, and we will see that they are addressed in full by the Department for Transport."