The Withdrawal Agreement

Fiona's statement on the Withdrawal Agreement:

"I thank all constituents who have written to me with their views about the proposed Withdrawal Agreement from the European Union. I have taken careful consideration of them all.

I also respect that the Prime Minister has shown admirable determination and resilience, particularly in recent weeks.

I have studied the proposed Agreement and accompanying Political Declaration in detail.

I have listened to many hours of Parliamentary debate and, indeed, was expecting to speak on this issue in the debate in the House of Commons today. Regrettably, this will not now happen, due to the debate being cancelled by the Government.

I am, therefore, writing to confirm my views as your Member of Parliament.

This Agreement will not settle anything; it is full of uncertainties. It would leave the UK “half-in and half-out” of the EU, subject to all manner of rules and regulations but without the ability to influence them, for an indeterminate period of time and at unquantified expense. The different treatment of Northern Ireland potentially splits the Union of the United Kingdom.

No wonder, therefore, that this satisfies neither many of those who voted leave nor who voted remain! Of the hundreds of letters, emails, and calls I have received from constituents on this issue, no less than 78% have urged me not to support it, for a variety of reasons.

As I therefore informed the Government last weekend, I cannot, to honour my conscience, my constituents, and my country, support this Agreement, and intended to vote against it in the House of Commons today."