Proportional Representation

A number of constituents have contacted me about Proportional Representation (PR).

I do not agree with changing our electoral system to PR, in spite of its problems I support the First Past the Post (FPTP) electoral system. In most cases FPTP does ensure stability and clear governance, and prevents disproportionate influence by minority parties with minimal public support, who typically end up holding the balance of power in PR systems.

The British people were clear on this matter in 2011. There was clear rejection in a national referendum of moving away from the FPTP. The system is clearly well established and understood by voters. If you speak with people who live in countries which have PR electoral systems, what is most stark, is the complete disconnect and inability for voters to communicate with their representatives under for example ‘list systems’. For all the issues there may be FPTP it does provide a very clear and valuable link between constituents and their representatives in Parliament. I believe this is of the utmost value and I do not want to see this link weaken or severed entirely.

More often than not, FPTP results in a Government with a working majority in Parliament, making decisive government possible. It allows the formation of a clear opposition that can provide an alternative to, and a check on, the Government of the day. The Government therefore has no plans to change the voting system for elections to the House of Commons.