Legal Bid Launched Around Being Informed Of Foetal Sentience & Pain

A legal bid has been made to force abortion clinics to tell women the truth about what is involved in an abortion.

As reported by the Mail on Sunday, Ana-Maria Tudor, who had an abortion at 23 weeks at a BPAS clinic in Richmond, was not told that her unborn baby would feel pain at the time of the abortion. However, Ms Tudor's lawyers claim it is possible for babies to feel pain after 18 weeks.

This comes after 'Foetal Sentience & Pain: An Evidence Review' was published by the All Party Parliamentary Pro Life Group, which Fiona chairs. The report set out to review the developing scientific evidence of how foetuses develop in the womb, how the latest evidence correlates with the views of the Science and Technology Committee in 2007 and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) in 2010, and whether there can be improvements in patient care as a result of the latest evidence.