Exiting the European Union

Thank you to all constituents who continue to contact me regarding the UK's EU membership.

The ballot paper in the 2016 referendum presented voters with an unambiguous choice, to Remain in the EU or to Leave. 

The Government sent a document to every household in the UK on the benefits of staying in the EU. 

As in every election, it was up to the electorate to discuss the merits of the different arguments and over 17.4m voters decided to leave the EU. 

MPs from across the political spectrum voted 494 to 122in favour of invoking Article 50 in 2017.  

Both main political parties also pledged in their manifestos at the General Election 2017 to respect the EU referendum result and these parties received over 80 percent of the vote.   

Parliament has since rejected a second referendum on two separate occasions.  

I therefore believe it is right that the Prime Minister is determined to deliver on the Referendum result. In this I support him, and deplore the actions of some of my Parliamentary colleagues who seek to thwart that democratic decision; to do so would betray the trust of voters – as many people in this constituency who voted Remain, as well as Leave, constantly remind me. Politicians cannot choose which public votes they respect. 

Everyone who voted in the referendum was equally entitled to their opinion. I believe we should now come together and respect the result.  

The Prime Minister is committed to negotiating a new deal with the EU that delivers on the Referendum result and respects the sovereignty of this country. Government Ministers are making intensive preparations to ensure that people, industry and the country are ready. 

I continue to believe that leaving the EU with a deal is the best way to do so; I also believe, however, that it is only sensible to prepare to leave the EU without a deal should the EU refuse to consider the improved deal the Prime Minister is putting forward. 

I confirm that I take careful note of, and respect, the views of constituents who write to me, even if we do not always agree on everything.


8th October 2019